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Our thoughts

We have identified a significant challenge facing businesses in our town - a difficulty in finding student workers. We think that a key contributing factor to this issue is a lack of awareness among students regarding available job opportunities. In response, we have developed a solution aimed at bridging this gap, making it as easy as possible for students to find these jobs.

Our main objective is to promote the employment of students, as we recognize the potential benefits businesses, students, and the community as a whole. To achieve this goal, we have focused our efforts on creating a platform that is easily accessible and user-friendly, ensuring that all students are aware of every single job available to them.

As a demonstration of our commitment and good faith, we have made available a 'browse jobs' tab on our website, which is accessible to all visitors at no charge for the businesses. This tab shows all businesses that have an account with us, meaning that all of these jobs hire high school students. 

Our intention is to provide a centralized location for businesses to advertise their job openings and for students to view all available positions in one convenient location. We operate under the belief that fair payment should be made by employers to advertise their job openings, and we offer this service as a means of facilitating greater awareness and accessibility of employment opportunities for students.

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